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Armchairs, Park Benches, Outdoor Tables and Pocket Parks

In urban squares and on city streets, everyone gets a space of their own. So why settle for sitting when you can lie back, lean, dangle in the air or sway sideways? Here, we’ve put together a selection of urban outdoor products to make squares and streets more comfortable, more welcoming and accessible to all. Whether sitting alone or hanging out with others, anyone can find the perfect perch.  

On the Square


Sun Lounger

Design Thomas Bernstrand

Kajen Sun Lounger is a reclined elegant sun lounger in wood, with or without a footrest or as a single extended sofa. A gently curved seat and high ribbed back provide comfortable seating.


Modular Urban Spaces

Design Nola

Making space for the temporary, the imaginary and the un­expected, the multipurpose Parklet system can be installed in a wide variety of environments.



Design Nola

The Terrass pergola system consist of prefabricated units that make it easy to adapt the size of the pergola to the conditions of the site.


Shading Structure and Shelter

Design Nola

Akalla is a shading structure with oiled oak beams supported by black steel posts. A version with a plywood parts is available to provide support for a roof of corrugated metal, plastic or sedum.

Furniture Groups and Seating Systems


Park Bench

Design Fredrik Toller

When Sweco Arkitekter was commissioned by Jernhusen to redesign Centralplan outside Stockholm Central Station, a new line of park benches was installed to the site.


Furniture Group

Design Broberg & Ridderstråle

When space is tight, outdoor furniture solutions like Parco make room for more. The group consists of sleek seating and a streamlined table that are easy to cluster together, making them ideal for compact spaces.


Furniture Group

Design Mats Aldén

With their contemporary styles and laid-back comfort, the designs in this furniture group bring relaxed seating to any type of setting.

Paxa Light

Furniture Group

Design Blenda Design

The Paxa Light furniture group is a stylish alternative to the original Paxa series. Paxa Light has a "lighter" and more minimalist design than the other products in the Paxa …


Modular Furniture System

Design Thomas Bernstrand

Crafted in the same style as the individual Korg products, this modular furniture system is as flexible as it is versatile. The system is comprised of armchairs, backed benches and modular units.


Furniture Group

Design David Taylor

The Frank furniture group makes a straightforward statement. Each of the three designs is strongly contemporary while able to complement traditional settings.

Bicycle Stands and Litterbins


Bike Stand

Design Blenda Design

Blenda is a bicycle stand that can also create a sleek barrier. Bicycles can be securely fastened to the upper portion, with the wheel and frame secured on either side.

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