Z-Square in Leksand

Leksand furniture group
Project: Z-square in Leksand, Sweden.
Developer: Leksand Municipality
Landscape Architect: Temagruppen
Completed: 2015


Nola has in collaboration with Temagruppen developed unique seating furniture for the Z-square, located in Leksand, taking inspiration from the classic Leksand chair. Behind the project lies the desire to renew and update the center of Leksand, where the aim of the design has been to strengthen Leksand’s identity while maintaining its small town character.

Photo: PE Teknik & Arkitektur

The idea for the furniture and the project itself was taken from the classic wooden chair that was produced in Leksand in the early 19th century. Classic craftsmanship combined with high quality. The furniture in cast, recycled aluminium is intended to be placed out on the streets and squares year around, meets the requirements on accessibility, comfort and sustainable design. 

Leksand furniture group, developed in collaboration with the Temagruppen. Photos from Z-square in Leksand, Sweden.