Closed for Summer Holidays

We hope to see you out and about this summer! We will be closed for summer holidays from weeks 28–31 and will be back in August.

Beyond Imaginary Borders

Långbordet is one of Nola's most popular products, and its history began in this site-specific project in Helsingborg.

Sollentuna Library

In the newly renovated children’s and youth section, the library sought to provide seating options that cater to both individual and group settings. This led to the selection of Basket chairs, known for their generous proportions.

Products for planting

Our planters create great opportunities to build more green and living cities.

Bicycle Products

Today, city-dwellers are cycling more than ever before, which is good for the environment, and important for the well-being of all. This selection of bike racks, bollards, bike sheds and other Nola products are designed to keep urban cyclists on the move.

Playful sites

Krokbäcks Park in Malmö’s south-western Hyllie neighbourhood interconnects the nearby Krokbäck and Holma areas and creates new sites for neighbourhood children and teenagers.

An Urban Beach

A courtyard on Torsgatan, Stockholm, behind the Stockholm Vatten-building from 1906, has been designed with activity, recreation and social interactions in mind.

News 2024

Among our product news for the season are a striking wooden pavilion taking cues from urban architecture, a bench table that defies convention, and a café chair perfect for leisurely breaks.

Arkipelag at Centralplan

When Sweco Architects redesigned historic Centralplan, the open-air concourse outside Stockholm’s central train station, they decided to commission a new line of seating for the site.

Explore Bellitalia

Nola proudly serves as the distributor of Bellitalia's products in Sweden. Here, we showcase a thoughtfully curated collection with a special focus on lush greenery and a sense of community.

Nola in Rosendal

Working collaboratively with the landscape architects at Karavan, we have helped to create a vibrant community that is safe, accessible and sustainable in every way.

Reuse & Discounts

Recycled items and discount bargains. A new market for circular trading and wholesale outlet offers.

Fast deliveries for products ready for reuse

In our Reuse & Discounts section, you’ll find products for sale with fast delivery lead times. You’ll find great prices on items such as discontinued products, ex-display models and reduced wholesale stock items. All sold at affordable prices to give our products new homes and longer lifespans. 

Check out Reuse & Discounts here

”The certifica­­tion pro­­vides valida­­tion that our sustain­­able pro­duc­­tion in Sweden and re­spons­­ible material choices bene­­fit every­­one in­volved.”
Henrik Edlund, CEO at Nola

Kajen Products First to Receive Swan Ecolabeling Certification


Nola is pleased to announce that products from our popular Kajen furniture range were recently awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Swan eco-labelling initiative certifies that products are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, and conform to guidelines agreed by the Scandinavian countries and policy mandates regulated by the European Union.

”Produc­tion of our own pro­ducts is solely based in Sweden.”

Sustainability, Materials & the Environment

For us at Nola, sustainability is grounded in the ideas around how society and the cities of the future will function in symbiosis. Acting responsibly and being conscious about the decisions we make is fundamental to a sustainable future. We let design take its time so that what we make is properly consolidated into something that will be loved for as long as it lasts.

”The tool is intended to support architects in their creative work”

New tool! Korg Planner!

Now there is a new digital planning tool for the Korg furniture system. The tool makes it possible to spatially create and test ideas and solutions according to your specific requirements. The planning tool is intended to support architects in their creative work, at the same time giving a concrete result with a clear product specification.

Try Korg Planner!


About Nola

About Us

At Nola we proudly consider ourselves as committed community problem solvers; and our work has always stemmed from real human needs.

Our History

Nola took its current shape in the 1980 when Agneta Stake took over the company. With great community involvement, passion and sensitivity towards the prominent architects and urban planners of the time, she sculpted a company that would become a guide for how the urban environment could appear and function.

Award Winning Design

Nola has received a variety of awards over the years. Here are some of the highlights.

Collaborate with us

Product development lies at the heart of Nola, and we relish the chance to realise innovative, creative ideas.

In close dialogue with architects, designers, landscape architects and city planners, we solidify urban spaces to make them safe and accessible for everyone.

Ideas are our Products 

Together with designers, architects and creatives, we shape urban environments. Our ambition is that every collaboration holds the potential to become a product. Bring us your ideas and let’s work them into a reality.


Forward Thinking Design 

Our products and projects are defined by the value they bring to the process of creating them, and where they will be used. We’re always looking for new ways to create expressive, timeless design that will be cherished and used. 


Always Made in Sweden

Our own products are made in Sweden to bring the very best, most sustainable, locally produced products and furniture for the public outdoor sector. 


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