Street Patterns

Furniture ranges Frank and Parco plays a big role in the renovation and design of the pedestrian street Östra Drottninggatan in central Gävle, designed by the landscape architecture office Karavan.

An Urban Beach

A courtyard on Torsgatan, Stockholm, behind the Stockholm Vatten-building from 1906, has been designed with activity, recreation and social interactions in mind.

New in the Outdoor Office

The interest in workin outdoors continues and we are making additions to the Urban Office-range, designed by Superlab and researcher Charlotte Peterson Troije.

Outdoor Times

We’d like to wish all friends of Nola a wonderful, calm and relaxed summer break. Our offices are closed July 12th — August 9th, se ”Contact Us” for more information.

Community in Söder

Långbordet is currently one of Nola's most popular products. White worked collaboratively with artist Ebba Matz to develop the concept. After they carried out interviews with locals, the inspiration for a long table was born.

News 2021!

For Stockholm Design Week 2021 we continue to focus on furniture for the outdoor office and present news within the concept of urban workspaces!

Collaborate with us

Product development lies at the heart of Nola, and we relish the chance to realise innovative, creative ideas.

In close dialogue with architects, designers, landscape architects and city planners, 
we solidify urban spaces to make them safe and accessible for everyone.

Ideas are our Products 

Together with designers, architects and creatives, we shape urban environments. Our ambition is that every collaboration holds the potential to become a product. Bring us your ideas and let’s work them into a reality.


Forward Thinking Design 

Our products and projects are defined by the value they bring to the process of creating them, and where they will be used. We’re always looking for new ways to create expressive, timeless design that will be cherished and used. 


Always Made in Sweden

Our own products are made in Sweden to bring the very best, most sustainable, locally produced products and furniture for the public outdoor sector. 


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”The tool is intended to support architects in their creative work”

New tool! Korg Planner!

Now there is a new digital planning tool for the Korg furniture system. The tool makes it possible to spatially create and test ideas and solutions according to your specific requirements. The planning tool is intended to support architects in their creative work, at the same time giving a concrete result with a clear product specification.

Try Korg Planner!


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