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Products for Roof Terraces and Courtyards

It’s a fact: humans feel better outdoors. When spending time in nature or being around green spaces, we perform better. For everyone's well-being, we need to find ways to break away from the norm of spending too much time indoors. With that in mind, Nola have put together a selection of outdoor products for open-air environments. Each one is perfect for roof terraces, courtyards and other outdoor areas where protection from the elements is essential.

Furniture Groups


Furniture Group

Design Peter Brandt

Wood is loved for many reasons, and the benches, armchair and tables in the Hjorthagen family showcase its timeless appeal. Hjorthagen is the perfect combination of traditional garden furniture and contemporary outdoor design.


Furniture Group

Design Broberg & Ridderstråle

When space is tight, outdoor furniture solutions like Parco make room for more. The group consists of sleek seating and a streamlined table that are easy to cluster together, making them ideal for compact spaces.


Furniture Group

Design Thomas Eriksson

Flexible, community spaces require furniture that can change and adapt. The Alnön furniture group is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move and store.


Furniture Group

Design Gunilla Hedlund

The lightweight structure of these stackable designs gives them a breezy appearance that resonates with both modern architecture and open-air surroundings.


Furniture Group

Design Peter Brandt

Vejby’s sturdy frames and solid wooden slats create stability and strength. The evenly-spaced slats in the seating and table surfaces enable rainwater to run off easily.

For the terrace



Design Nola

The Terrass pergola system consist of prefabricated units that make it easy to adapt the size of the pergola to the conditions of the site.



Design Anki Gneib

Inspired by a historic belltower, the Klocka planter provides a container for a wide variety of plants.



Design Mats Aldén

LowBed is designed to promote relaxation, making a perfect complement for poolside patios, outdoor terraces, balconies and waterfronts.

Outdoor Seating


Furniture Group

Design Nina Jobs

Few outdoor furniture groups have the laid-back appeal of Rocky. The family comprises a rocking chair, a café chair, a dining table, a lounge table and a side table.


Park Bench

Design Odin Sollie

Based on the iconic Swedish spindle-back bench, Gard transforms a classic shape into a statement-making design.



Design Björn Dahlström

Inspired by raging rivers breaking over rocks, the Kaskad chair captures the movement of water surging over rapids.

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