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Products for learning environments

Learning and educational environments require durable products and furniture that facilitates reading, writing and discussing points of view. With this in mind, Nola have gathered our most popular product groups for indoor environments and outdoor spaces. Each series has designs for large and small areas, for designating individual spaces and for creating semi-private places. This is where you’ll find products that meet the needs of every type of learning environment. From nurseries and schools to universities and workplaces, Nola has products to furnish them with creativity, playfulness and variety.

Outdoor Seating


Furniture Group

Broberg & Ridderstråle

When space is tight, outdoor furniture solutions like Parco make room for more. The group consists of sleek seating and a streamlined table that are easy to cluster together, making them ideal for compact spaces.

Work Lounge

Swivel Armchair

SuperLab & Charlotte Petersson Troije

High and embracing swivel chair with upholstered cushion and side table for breaks or outdoor work.


Multi-sided Bench

Ana Mir & Emili Padrós, Emiliana Design Studio

This generous seat is called Sunday, but it was designed for use every day of the week. Made from slats of Sioo-impregnated oak, the surface folds into three different heights.


Furniture Group

Fredrik Mattson

Inviting, robust and versatile furniture group with several variants and functions.


Furniture Group

Thomas Bernstrand

The Korg furniture group is characterised by clean lines and soft contours that give it a contemporary character.


Modular Furniture System

Thomas Bernstrand

Crafted in the same style as the individual Korg products, this modular furniture system is as flexible as it is versatile. The system is comprised of armchairs, backed benches and modular units.

Learning Outdoor


Shading Structure and Shelter


Akalla is a shading structure with oiled oak beams supported by black steel posts. A version with a plywood parts is available to provide support for a roof of corrugated metal, plastic or sedum.

Urban Play


Henrik Sørig Thomsen

Urban Play brings individuals together in the built environment, creating space for short breaks. It provides a place to sit with colleagues and friends, a surface for mobile devices and a spot for taking selfies.

Work Desk


SuperLab & Charlotte Petersson Troije

Work Desk is designed to work in many different environments. Companies' court yards and roof terraces, in parks or between buildings in the public environment.

Four Seasons

Sun Parasol

Thomas Bernstrand

The Four Seasons parasol is a sturdy year-round design that deflects the heat of the sun and provides shelter from the rain.


Furniture Group

Mats Aldén

School Yard is specifically developed for functional outdoor workplaces. The seating furniture with work table means that it works just as well in educational environments as on a roof terrace or in an outdoor office.

Wembley Par


Thomas Bernstrand

This impressive tiered seating system creates a space-saving seating arrangement that is as striking as it is practical. Like stadium seats, Wembley combines the staircase and seating in a single expression.

For the Little Ones


Child Seat

Broberg & Ridderstråle

A ground-mounted seat for small children fitted with a safety bar. The chair has a curved seat and backrest supported by a contouring frame, and is available with or without a swivel feature.



Mathieu Gustafson

This contemporary seating design was inspired by freestanding footstools. The bench is crafted with a series of individual seats placed at different heights along a central beam.



Kristoffer Fagerström & Marcus Abrahamsson

Inspired by tall pylons supporting power lines, the base of the bench is formed by twin uprights that balance the seat between them.


Child Chair

David Taylor

The Frank child’s chair provides a uniquely inclusive design. Children’s versions have been a standard feature in public space for several decades, designating areas where parents and children can sit in comfort.

Kajen Låg

Park Bench

Thomas Bernstrand

A low sofa in Kajenserien that is available in five different lengths and special colors as needed. Gives a modern, stylish and contemporary expression. Kajen furniture group has been approved in


Outdoor Structure

Ana Mir & Emili Padrós, Emiliana Design Studio

Just as a shelter creates a safe haven in a storm, this streamlined outdoor construction provides a dry refuge in wet weather.

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