Råslätt and Viktoriaplan Bus Terminals in Jönköping and Huskvarna

Commissioner: Jönköping Municipality, Sweden
Landscape architect: WSP Samhällsbyggnad, Gothenburg
Designers: Kristine Gillespie, WSP Samhällsbyggnad and Nola
Year completed: 2021

To improve pedestrian safety and passenger experience in Jönköping municipality, the bus terminals at Råslätts Centrum and Viktoriaplan have been redesigned. By creating better lighting, installing new bus shelters and outdoor seating, and planting more vegetation in the area, a safe environment has been created for residents and visitors alike.

Outdoor shelters for passengers and bicycle sheds for cyclists were developed especially for the site. Both structures were constructed with sedum plants and transparent polycarbonate in the roofs. The walls were constructed from oiled oak and polycarbonate panels. Nola's Paxa Light concrete benches provide comfortable seating inside and outside the bus shelters.

The bus shelters were created especially for the project to meet the needs of the site. Photo: Jann Lipka

Paxa Light benches were installed in and around Viktoriaplan and Råslätt's bus terminals. Photo: Jann Lipka

A close-up of the Parco table, designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle. Photo: Jann Lipka