Kärrtorp Square

Commissioner: Stockholm Stad
Landscape architect: Nyréns Architecture
Designer: Bengt Isling
Year completed: 2021


The growing district of Kärrtorp in southern Stockholm, has been renovated to create a working and attractive meeting place for residents and visitors. Where the square's typical 1950s feel has been preserved and reinforced with nature that meets eye-dropping colors and textures.  

Nola has helped to develop a special table with retractable benches specifically for the project.

The aim is to create a vibrant and sustainable square with smart connections to walkways, metros and bus stops.

In the square you can see the Ultuna sofa in Sioox treated oak and powder coated steel, designed by Daniel Ericsson and Bengt Isling. Bengt is also one of the Architects and responsible for the design of the square. Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Photography by: Åke E:son Lindman

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