Parklet Pop-up Mini-Parks in Laholm, Sweden

Client: Laholm municipality
Designers: Nola, Thomas Eriksson, Mats Aldén


In Sweden’s southern city of Laholm, two of Nola’s mini-park Parklet installations welcome locals to the town square. The installations transformed Stortorget (as Laholm’s town square is called in Swedish) into a welcoming meeting point for residents and visitors alike. The square had previously been used as a municipal car park, but the addition of the Parklets has heightened its appeal to pedestrians. Today, the square is used for public celebrations, municipal events, outdoor markets and more.

Together, the two Parklets create a small oasis in the square, one furnished with benches and tables from the Alnön furniture group to provide space for picnics or coffee breaks. The other Parklet is equipped with High Sunchair for those who want to enjoy the sunshine or relax in comfortable outdoor seats. Both Parklet sites feature pergolas and planters, which are integral parts of the Parklet product. Each can be ordered in a range of colours.

“Parklets work particularly well in urban squares because they are easy to move and can even provide a temporary setting.”

Agneta Stake, Nola’s founder and product development manager

“Stortorget in Laholm is a special project,” says Agneta Stake, Nola’s founder and product development manager. “It was our first delivery of Parklet after we had launched it at the Southern Sweden Design Days trade fair in Malmö. “Parklets work particularly well in urban squares because they are easy to move and can even provide a temporary setting.”

Parklet is a perfect complement to city streets, urban squares and municipal parks, or any environment where a small-scale park-like or patio setting is needed. Parklet is roughly the size of a standard carpark parking place, and the products it contains are easy to move with a pallet jack or forklift. Parklet is easy to disassemble for Winter storage and reassemble in another location in Spring. Every Parklet can be unique, as each one is furnished with a wide choice of products from Nola's range.

Making space for the temporary, the imaginary and the un­expected, the multipurpose Parklet system can be installed in a wide variety of environments.

Sunchair has the feeling of a deck chair, evoking warm-weather resorts, swimming pool terraces or lush green courtyards.

Parklet is a unique public space structure that offers a frame for climbing plants while also providing supports for screens, sunshades and rain protection. The structure is also a great choice for children’s play areas, pocket parks and urban green areas within the city.