Korg planner - A new digital planning tool from Nola


Nola is launching a brand new digital planning tool for the Korg furniture system. The tool makes it possible to spatially create and test ideas and solutions according to your specific requirements. The planning tool is intended to support architects in their creative work, at the same time giving a concrete result with a clear product specification.

Korg planner, digital planning tool for the Korg furniture system, design Thomas Bernstrand.

Korg planner
With Korg planner it's possible to test a design idea, customize it according to your own preferences, and to colour, shape and instantly create a simple pdf with the Korg system in a unique design. With the planner, your own ideas can be woven in as early as the drawing stage and be better adapted to site conditions.

"With Korg planner, I hope that more people will have the opportunity to see the true potential of Korg," says Thomas Bernstrand, the designer behind the Korg furniture system. "Many of my furniture designs are flexible and made to fit together in constellations, and to be adapted to the site and given conditions. It will be exciting to see where this leads," concludes Thomas.

The Korg system is the first series from Nola's collections that now has its own planning tools, but more products are waiting their turn. Nola see huge opportunities for the future in digitization and how tools like this can support both creativity and a more efficient work and ordering process.

The Korg furniture system

Korg furniture system, designed by Thomas Bernstrand, is a series of stylish and expressive wire furniture for outdoor use, anchored in a cylindrical base. Components in the building system can be put together in several different ways, with different lengths and seating options, which allows for great flexibility. Read more about the Korg furniture system

Korg furniture system, design by Thomas Bernstrand.

Fler nyheter


Architects Liljewall installed Nola’s Blenda bike stands in the concourse outside Stockholm's iconic Tomteboda building, an architectural landmark. As Blenda’s integrated LED lighting units show cyclists where to insert locks, they light up the surroundings for pedestrians too. 

Nola will showcase new designs at the 2020 edition of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair from 4 - 8 Feb 2020. This year, you’ll find us on stand A11: 19, as well as at a few other Stockholm Design Week events throughout the week.