Playa Stenpiren, Göteborg

Commissioner: City of Gothenburg, Sweden
Architect: Elin Einarsson
Scenographer: Annika Carlsson
Designers: Mats Aldén, Thomas Bernstrand 
Completion: 2016 / 2018
Site: Playa Stenpiren city beach, Gothenburg, Sweden


Products from the Kajen furniture group were installed at the Stenpiren project, a city beach developed by the municipality of Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. A former carpark, fine sand was transported to the site to transform it temporarily into a city beach. The planners set out to create a safe community space where leisure activities could take place, while finding new potentials for unused areas in and around the city centre. The combination of Kajen sun parasols and lounge chairs,  together with the sand and palm trees, created an oasis of green for locals to enjoy. 

Products in project