Alviks strand, Stockholm

Commissioner: City of Stockholm, Sweden
Designers: Broberg & Ridderstråle 
Completion: 2018
Site: Alviks strand waterside park, Stockholm


Alviks strand is a beach situated on Stockholm’s western edge with view across the water towards the city centre. The waterside development traces a park situated between suburban streets and the water’s edge, flanked by shops, restaurants and offices. Durable, sustainable products from the Parco furniture group were chosen for the development, bringing pastel colours and the enduring beauty of Jatoba wood to the site.

The seating is fully inclusive; accessible to those who may be less able, and able to accommodate visitors of all ages. Some seats are placed in groups while others are installed individually. Together they boost the site’s attractiveness and its appeal to locals and visitors alike.

The Parco furniture group is environmentally-friendly and produced in high-quality, durable materials. The curves in the seats and backrests make them as comfortable as they are functional. The series is available in a variety of versions that can be easily combined with each other. The series includes swivel chairs, optional armrests, a highchair and lounge seating. Parco's designs adapt to different needs and have the potential to create inclusive outdoor environments that meet the needs of a wide range of ages and abilities.