Unique Edition of Kaskad for Auction


This year, Finnish lifestyle brand Marimekko celebrate their 70th anniversary by inviting artists and designers to offer new interpretations of their style. Designer Björn Dahlström was invited to participate by developing a new version of the Kaskad armchair, which Marimekko included in ‘The Artists That Shaped Us’ auction held at Bukowski’s auctioneers in Stockholm. The auction, which takes place online, pays tribute to the creators who have helped shape Marimekko over the years.

The Kaskad armchair previously received a Swedish Design Award and a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. For this event, the one-off version of the chair will be produced in a shade of red chosen by Björn for the Vågsvall motif he designed for Marimekko in 2007.

‘Both the Vågsvall motif and the Kaskad armchair are created through abstractions of lines,’ says Dahlström. ‘They were also made with the same software, so are kind of related in terms of design. That’s what makes it so interesting to feature the motif on pillows made for the chair. The two designs were developed for different clients and crafted with different materials and techniques. They were made at different times, and now they get to come together to create something new and unique.’

Photo credit: Bukowskis

Dahlström’s version of the chair is coloured exclusively in red and is available as an edition of one. For more information, or to bid for the chair, please see from 10 September. We wish you luck!

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