Nola Introduces Terrass Pergola System


There is something special about finding oneself in a room, even if it is outside. You are to some degree protected from wind and sun, while at the same time surrounded by nature and green spaces. After receiving many requests and projects for site-built pergolas, we began the process in 2019 of developing a flexible and versatile pergola system. An existing, adaptable system makes the project plan straightforward and the production faster and more affordable.

During Stockholm Design Week 2020, we showcased the system Terass for the first time. We have since then performed a quantity of tests to ensure strength and function, and as of now the system is in production and a part of our standard assortment.

Read more about Terass pergola system here!

Terrass in our stand at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020. Photography: Jann Lipka.

Adaptability in size, material and design makes Terrass into a system with limitless variations.

Fler nyheter


On Tuesday, Nola’s Founder and Head of Design, Agneta Stake, participated in a panel discussion with the theme “History and Future”. The panel discussion was part of the event Inside Swedish Design and can be seen here.

Make sure to view Inside Swedish Design (virtually or safely IRL) at Stockholms Auktionsverk during Stockholm Design Week. We’ll be showing news connected to outdoor offices and workspaces with designs by Superlab, Fredrik Mattson, Mats Aldén and Nina Jobs.