Nola invites to the Outdoor Office during Southern Sweden Design Days



As part of the Southern Sweden Design Days event, 27–30 May, Nola is showing new products designed for the Outdoor Office concept. The exhibition takes place at Form design centre in central Malmö where visitors can try out the new normal - we call it 'working under a blue sky'.

Nola welcomes visitors to discover the benefits of working outdoors. During the Southern Sweden Design Days event, a new range of furniture is presented, dedicated to outdoor office work. For a few days Nola is building the work place of the future at Form design centre in central Malmö – open to all. Come by and make it your office for the day, or pause to send some quick e-mails.

The benefits of working outdoors are many. Fresh air and sunlight affects us in a positive way and during the on-going pandemic it allows us to work while social distancing. Nola has been working with the concept Outoor Office for many years, but the demand for well designed and functional workplaces outdoor, in connection to both homes and offices, has never been greater.

The furniture range Urban Office, exhibited at Form/Design Center, includes a chair and several desks. The chair is a workstation with a swivel seat in soft dry foam, with a laptop-adjusted table. The pieces also have an extra high, but slightly transparent back rest, for a sense of privacy. The desks are available in different heights and also includes raised back and sides for privacy. The range is developed in collaboration with designstudio Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troije, researcher at Malmö University.

The chair Work Lounge was presented earlier this spring, now a desk in the same range is introduced.

Charlotte Petersson Troije, researcher at Malmö University.

Design studio Superlab.

Meet up with Nola

From 10 AM –3 PM, May 27 Malin Moreau from Nola, Superlab and Charlotte Petterson Troije shows the new range and talks about the future workspace.The Outdoor Office is open until May 31. See you under the blu sky!


Make an appointment

Contact Malin Moreau for questions or to book a meeting.

+46 (0)761-260 260


Southern Sweden Design Days

Between May 27–30 Form/Design Center is inviting visitors to experience the design scene in Southern. The digital platform will publish exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Activities at Form/Design Center is arranged in a safe way, read more here!

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On Tuesday, Nola’s Founder and Head of Design, Agneta Stake, participated in a panel discussion with the theme “History and Future”. The panel discussion was part of the event Inside Swedish Design and can be seen here.

Make sure to view Inside Swedish Design (virtually or safely IRL) at Stockholms Auktionsverk during Stockholm Design Week. We’ll be showing news connected to outdoor offices and workspaces with designs by Superlab, Fredrik Mattson, Mats Aldén and Nina Jobs.