Our extensive product range is designed to withstand the tough demands of public environments. With care, we select materials and surface treatments tailored to various conditions and stresses. We also carefully balance designs and a variety of aesthetic expressions that enrich and characterize our shared spaces.

Nola offers the following warranties:

Product Defects

For defects in product, material, or function, Nola provides a 15-year warranty or for as long as the product is available in the range.


Wood Rot

For warranty against wood rot, guarantees are provided per material and surface treatment as follows:


Corrosion on metal

For warranty against harmful corrosion on metal:


Terms and Conditions

The warranty is conditional upon the product being placed in an appropriate location, correctly assembled according to the assembly instructions, maintained according to Nola's recommended care and maintenance instructions, and the product not being subjected to abnormal wear or damage. For other materials, refer to ABM-07 warranty conditions.